A Feed Apart

Boston 2013

Hi, all. I hope you're having a pleasant morning.

You're seeing this message because we've decided to sunset the A Feed Apart project.

What was once interesting and inventive tweet stream & archive is now par for the course. We put structure and persistence behind a natural backchannel, and people used it to intensify their conference experience. It was amazing.

As succinct (or truncated) as tweets can be, they can collectively pack a lot of nuance. Our goal was to capture that and bring it to the forefront of the conversation. Backchannel are catalysts that can change the dynamic of a discussion, which the audience at An Event Apart consistently used for the better.

It's time to build something for tomorrow's audience, and to leave behind a tool for last year's audience.

Follow along with the conversation at #aeabos.

Thanks! - @steyblind